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matte adj : not reflecting light; not glossy; "flat wall paint"; "a photograph with a matte finish" [syn: flat, mat, matt, matted]


1 a mixture of sulfides that forms when sulfide metal ores are smelted
2 the property of having little or no contrast; lacking highlights or gloss [syn: flatness, lusterlessness, lustrelessness, mat, matt] v : change texture so as to become matted and felt-like; "The fabric felted up after several washes" [syn: felt, felt up, mat up, matt-up, matte up, mat]

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  • US: /mæt/


  1. art photography A decorative border around a picture
    The image is a perfect square of 8 cm (with white matte border the total dimensions are 14 cm tall by 11 cm wide).
  2. In the context of "cinema": A background, often painted or created with computers
    Matte painting is a tool that filmmakers can use to create a scene that is either too impractical, too costly or simply too impossible to achieve with conventional cinematographic means.''
  3. In the context of "pyrometallurgy": The molten metal sulfide phases typically formed during smelting of copper, nickel, and other base metals


  1. dull, not reflective of light
    Flat or matte paint allows a deep color expression on the walls while also hiding flaws that may be inherent on the painted surface.


not reflective of light



matte p


  1. Plural of matta



matte (まって)
  1. 待って: Te-form of 待つ, to wait
  2. 舞って: Te-form of 舞う, to dance



  1. Rug, mat
  2. Short form of "matematikk", mathematics


  1. Make something dull, matte
  2. To deliver a checkmate



  1. female owner of a pet, originally short form of matmor
  2. maths, short form of matematik

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Matte may refer to:
In film:
  • Matte (filmmaking), film and video technology
  • Matte painting, a process of creating sets used in film and video
  • Matte box, a camera accessory for controlling lens glare
  • Open matte, a filming technique that involves matting out the top and bottom of the film frame in the movie projector
In other fields:


  • Matte Babel (born 1980), MuchMusic VJ (video jockey) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Tom Matte (born 1939), American football player, quarterback in college and (mostly) running back in the NFL (1960s-1970s)
  • Matte family, a powerful Chilean family

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Photostat, Xerox, Xerox copy, blowup, blueprint, contact printing, cyanotype, enlargement, glossy, hologram, lantern slide, microcopy, microprint, photocopy, photogravure, photostatic copy, positive, print, projection printing, semi-matte, slide, transparency
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